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Halloween Surprise #SmokehouseBBQ

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If you are like me and have kids and are very busy then we have a lot in common . I know it can be a hectic day at my house on a normal school day. I have to get myself ready for school also a three-year old that thinks it’s always time to play . Now don’t get me wrong I love that my son loves to play but 8:00 in the morning it is not a good time to play or be out of bed lol. Now throw in the…

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It is that time of the year again . I know it is sneaking up on me too , and I am not ready at all for Christmas. It’s not even Christmas and I noticed today that the building in the downtown district is putting up lights and decorations for Christmas and it’s not even Halloween Yet either. Now don’t get me wrong I start shopping now for Christmas and I love it. I am just not ready to do the…

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Anti-Bullying After a Move Twitter Party

Anti-Bullying After a Move Twitter Party

Are you in the mood for a Twitter Party? Then make sure to join @kbwhiskey and @cablemover on October 22 at 7pm EST to talk about anti-bullying after a move.

Attend the party and tweet using the #stopthebullying hashtag for your chance to win prizes including multiple $25 VISA gift cards and a $150 VISA gift card!

Prize winners will be announced during the party so be sure to attend for an…

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Spa Life in London

Spa Life in London


I was on the internet suffering around for spas and hotels and I found several but nothing too impressive. I am a very stressful person in my daily life. I am stressed and tensed all the time form daily life to problems and just me being me . I was told by a Dr one time I am naturally a stressful person and he could give me meds . Well I went home and thought about it and I really didn’t want…

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Visiting Piccadilly


Piccadilly is a road in London that runs from Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus on the east end of town. Piccadilly is the straightest running road that runs through London.On Piccadilly road you can stop and visit the major landmarks that they have  and they include Fortnum and Mason, Royal Academy .Ritz Hotel, Embassy of Japan  just to name a few. Then there is Piccadilly Circus. Now I am…

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Feeling Clean With Cottonelle

Feeling Clean With Cottonelle

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, but my love for their fresh care flushable cleansing cloths is all my own!


How many times have you gone to the bathroom, and when your done, you just didn’t feel as clean as you would like? I know it happens to me sometimes. I know your probably thinking that your bathroom routinesis not something you want to discuss, it’s awkward and uncomfortable, I get…

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Going to London


I have always wanted to travel outside the country and got to London. I have always wanted to go and visit or move to London. I fond London to be a very beautiful country and I love the people. The people f London always seem to be very cheerful and welcoming. I have a few friends who have come from London and are now living in the US. They have taught me alot about London and the gorgeous site…

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Magnetic Screen Door - iGotTech

Magnetic Screen Door – iGotTech


We love when the weather gets warmer and we can be outside all the time, but the thing I hate the most is opening and closing the door and the flies and nats that seem to invade the kitchen. No matter what we do they are still getting in. Magnetic Screen Dooris the life saver, we had a chance to try this out and love it , its our way of knowing the bugs are not getting in. We had to do is make…

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Altec Review

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In this day and age you would think that every electronic would have the best audio that is out available, well we all know that isnt the case. It amazes me how the audio can suck in electronics . I have a phone and a computer that the audio was horrible in and it used to drive me crazy. I would have to put head phones on and then I couldn’t here what anyone was saying to me. 

Well I found this…

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Chia Seed Review

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I have changed the way that me and my family eat and what we consume. I am always looking for the best and healthiest foods for my family and I try to incorporate them into what we eat. It has been hard to corporate certain thinks like eggs,milk. I have changed my milk to soy milk and I was left with finding a substitute for the eggs. Well that is till I found Chia Seeds. 

Chia Seeds are these…

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