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Glee Gum/Candy Kit Review/Giveaway

Glee Gum/Candy Kit Review/Giveaway


I love when I find healthy alternatives to my daily sweets or candy. I have been trying to add more natural and organic items to my family diet. I have added several different things to our diet already and I was excited when I got a chance to review the Glee Gum. I had received grape, mint,bubble gum, original. I had never seen or heard of this gum and I couldn’t wait to try it out. The  shape…

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Mommy Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief

Mommy Bliss Kids Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief


I have a three year old and we are always battling the latest flu bug or cold. We all know that with cold and flu the upset tummy or nausea is something that we expect but don’t have anything to help except the old remedies of sip coke or clear liquids, or nibble crackers. Those things to me seem to never work and if they do not for long. So I was so happy when I found the Mommy Bliss Kids…

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Perky Jerky Review


Have you ever had something that you crave or you want and don’t want to  share with anyone. I have that one thing and I am so very greedy with it that I don’t  share or its very hard for me to let go of, This item is Perky Jerky.  Perky Jerky is a company that makes jerky from Turkey,Beef,the flavors they have are Original,Teriyaki,Hot and Bothered and Sweet and Spicy both in beef and turkey. 

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Terracycle Review


Have you ever wondered what happened to the garbage we throw away . Well we all know it goes to the  dump and to cause landfill . There is a company who is doing amazing things with some of the products we throw away and makes awesome products to help the environment. 

Terracycleis a company that recycles our fruit pouches  chip bags ect to keep them out of the dump.You can donate your used…

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Kiva Organic Cacao Powder

Kiva Organic Cacao Powder


Have you ever had something that brings you back to your child hood. When I was recently asked to review KivaCoco I was excited. As you all know I love to make things from scratch, and this is something I can use to bake with. My daughter loves to bake us surprises and this would teach her to do it by hand. This reminds me of my Nanny, making us chocolate milk after we returned home. Tasted…

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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing an Awesome Party

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing an Awesome Party

 The majority of people work incredibly hard throughout their lives. So, trying to strike a balance between work, rest and play can present even the best of multi-taskers with quite a challenge. Therefore, when we do get an opportunity to ‘let our hair down’ and have some fun it’s important that we take full advantage. So, if you’re hoping to plan the party to end all parties, be sure to follow…

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Common Dental Procedures for Adults

Common Dental Procedures for Adults

While one’s childhood is filled with many visits to the pediatrician and dentist to check on growth rates, those visits to the dentist don’t stop when you turn 18. While cavities and braces are mostly relegated to children and teenagers, there are several common dental procedures that adults can anticipate going through in order to ensure optimal dental health.

One of the most common dental…

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Frozen Bean Review

img_logo   IMG_20140728_174522

If you are like me you like those elegant specialty drinks that we all love. Well I was given the opportunity to do a review on Frozen Bean , they are the leading manufacturer in desserts and specialty beverages. They send their products to over 40 countries including South Africa, Denmark, United Kingdom to name just a few .

I received several sample packs of their products frappe’s…

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Canyon Baked Goods Review /Giveaway

Canyon Baked Goods Review /Giveaway

Canyon Bakehouse Logo - NEW 5.27.14

Have you heard of Canyon BakeHouse  well if not I am going to tell you about them. Canyon BakeHouse is a company that produces gluten free products for their customers. They have several different types of products. They have  bread, muffins, Focaccia bread, hamburger buns and hot dog buns. 

what I received from Canyon BakeHouse was the raisin bread, hamburger buns, Focaccia bread, 7 grain…

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Hylands Review


I am a mother of a three-year old he is constantly walking around with bumps and bruises. Their are times that I wonder how kids survive they seem to understand depth , what is going to happen when you jump off the porch. It is crazy how you become immune to what children will do you just make sure your there to take care of the after math lol. 

My son is constantly climbing on stuff and…

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